The Backpropagation algorithm

If there are multiple layers in a neural network the inner layers have neither target values nor errors. This problem remained unsolved until the 1970s when mathemathicians found the backpropagation algorithm to be usable for this particular problem. Backpropagation provides a way to train neural networks with any number of hidden layers. The neurons don’t […]

Feedforward neural networks

I am only covering feedforward neural networks in this project. General features of such networks are: Neurons are grouped into one input layer,  one or more hidden layers and an output layer. Neurons are not connecting to each other within the same layer. Each neuron of a hidden layer connects to all the neurons of […]

A brief introduction to artificial neural networks

This post will try to give you a brief introduction to artificial neural networks or at least to some types of them. I will skip the introduction to biological neural networks as I am neither a biologist nor a doctor, I prefer not to write about what I do not fully understand. Overview of artificial […]