Calculating dot product using matrix partitioning

Matrices have a beautiful feature that comes very handy when creating fast dot product algorithms. If a matrix is partitioned to equal size blocks, and the blocks themselves are treated as matrix cells in a new matrix, then the dot product calculation will be the same with the new matrix. In the DeepTrainer project I have […]

Artificial Intelligence Fight II. – introducing parallel processing

Dear Reader I have been working on a multithreaded implementation of the Backpropagation algorithm. The most computationally intensive parts of a learning iteration are the forward-propagation and the backpropagation steps which are used in all algorithms to determine the gradients. The main difference between these algorithms is how these gradients are used to update the […]

C++11 DLL library for the Matrix-RProp algorithm

Dear Reader, This project is currently in progress but I thought I would publish it anyway. I have created a modern C++ DLL from the code extracted from the Borland C++ Builder project, as my 15 year old code is hardly going to be useful for anyone these days. What this library currently does […]

The matrix form of the RProp algorithm

Since the RProp algorithm uses if/else conditional statements while determining update values some special helper matrix-functions and helper matrices must be introduced. These functions will allow us to express the conditional statements more elegantly, only using matrix operations. Some matrices needed to make the above functions work: D: decision matrix, M: meta-gradient matrix, U: update […]