DeepTrainer roadmap changes

More than a year passed since the last productive post, since then I have got busy with a daytime job. In the meantime I have been thinking a lot where I could define the main selling point of this project if I wanted to make it to generate income for me. I stopped making the […]

The WPF Test Harness application

I think it is time for me to provide some explanation about the test harness built around the DeepTrainer library. DeepTrainer in itself is only a C++ library with a .NET wrapper, and these test harness applications are demonstrating their usage. I’ve had various enquiries about the library recently, so I thought it is much […]


Dear Reader, My aim with this blog is to publish some of the work I did on the field of Artificial Neural Networks. Between 2001 nd 2004 I developed a Neural Network trainer software that was able to distribute workload among multiple networked workstations. I think the idea deserves to be reserved for future reference. In the […]